Our services

Our starting point is you. If the issues you are facing involve any aspect of the law we are here to advise and help you. First, of course, we need to understand the issues. You might be going through difficult times involving your own health, your family or your business. Our services cover all these areas, and we can guarantee a receptive conversation that soon starts to focus on how our legal expertise can support your particular needs.

We aim to do that by being helpful, approachable and friendly, by not hiding behind legal jargon, and by making ourselves available when needed. The first step is simply to meet, to hear what you have to say and to decide if and how we can help, and we do that without strings. If you decide to engage us, to provide advice or to undertake work on your behalf, then we will give you a clear indication of the costs involved, based on what is agreed during the introductory meeting.