About us

We provide practical solutions for personal and business issues

In our personal and professional lives we all need to deal with a variety of challenges. Sometimes we need help to deal with them, particularly if aspects of the law are involved.

Help can start with simply listening. We take a common sense approach that’s based on listening with a purpose: to understand, explore options and offer practical support. We have helped countless individuals deal with personal and professional issues that range from employment law to catastrophic injury claims, from divorce settlements to tax planning, and we have done so in a helpful, proactive and cost-effective way.

Of course our clients are all individuals and we treat them as such. We come with no preconceptions or ready-made judgements but we approach each new client as a new relationship to be built. This means sitting down with you, understanding, discussing possibilities and working towards resolutions that meet your needs.

You can expect experience and expertise, combined with a human approach.